Kistler-Tiffany Advisors Announces Formation of KTA Funding Hope Foundation

Kistler Tiffany Advisors has announced the formation of KTA Funding Hope Foundation (, a non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is dedicated to funding hope for individuals and animals in our communities.

KTA Funding Hope Foundation was formed with the support of the management and employees of Kistler-Tiffany Advisors to make positive changes in the communities in which the Kistler-Tiffany Advisors family works and does business. Through financial grants aligned with its mission, the Foundation will benefit people and animals in these communities. The Foundation will donate at least $20,000 to these programs in 2017 and is currently accepting grant requests.

The Foundation’s leadership team includes a newly elected Board of Directors and an ambitious team of advisors. Dave Kovach, managing partner at Kistler-Tiffany Advisors, has been named the Foundation’s initial president.

Our foundation believes that all people and animals deserve the same opportunity to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives. While their challenges may come from circumstances outside of their control, we hope to help improve their lives and bring hope and inspiration that will make their days brighter and smiles bigger.

David Kovach

The Kistler-Tiffany Advisors family is thrilled to continue our 20-year tradition of charitable giving by supporting the KTA Funding Hope Foundation.

For more information or to donate to KTA Founding Hope Foundation, please contact us at

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Ashley Flood, Vice President
KTA Funding Hope Foundation

A letter from the President's desk

Dear Friends,

I am honored to announce the official formation of the KTA Funding Hope Foundation. The entire Kistler-Tiffany Advisor family came together with passion to create our foundation for the betterment of our community.

Our mission statement is "KTA Funding Hope Foundation is dedicated to funding hope for individuals and animals in our community. We passionately strive to inspire hope in disadvantaged individuals and animals to help better their lives and spirits. Together with your support, we know we can make a difference."

In the Fall, we plan to hold our inaugural event. As in the past with the Kistler-Tiffany Foundation we look to our clients, friends, family and supporters to help us grow.

We will be accepting grant requests on our new website – or you can contact Maureen Manion directly here at Kistler-Tiffany Advisors at 610-722-3356. Our board will consider all grants that fall within our mission statement.

As President, I am excited to communicate this wonderful news and look forward to building on our firm’s commitment to helping the community.

David S. Kovach, President

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We appreciate your interest in the charity work KTA Funding Hope is doing to improve the lives and providing hope to individuals,
families and animals in our local community. If you have any comments or questions you'd like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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